Baby Sign Language: ASL Signs for Farm Animals

Baby Sign Language: ASL Signs for Farm Animals

Old MacDonald Had a Farm….

Babies are endlessly fascinated with animals!  It’s no coincidence that so many board books feature friendly, furry critters.

A good chunk of most toddlers’ vocabulary is typically made up of animal names AND animal sounds. In fact, it’s very common for baby’s first words to be the sound an animal makes. Your little one will likely say “moo” before he says “cow” – which is adorable. :)

I encourage you to use LOTS of fun & playful animal sounds when you are reading, playing & singing with your baby. Old MacDonald is a great song to sing with animal sounds, and today you’ll learn the signs to go right along with it…

ASL Signs for Farm Animals

In today’s video we’re going to the farm. I’ll show you how to sign HORSE, COW, SHEEP, GOAT, DUCK, CHICKEN, and MOUSE.

 Baby Sign Language (ASL) Signs for Farm Animals

Bonus: Free Printable!

I’ve also created a FREE printable guide that you can keep as a reference to help you remember how to do  a few of these signs.

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Thanks for watching and have fun signing!


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