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9 American Sign Language Signs for Spring

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Learn Some ASL Signs to Teach Your Baby this Spring!

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Spring is coming and there are so many ways to enjoy this season with your little one! It’s a great time of year to explore nature, even if it’s from your back porch or the playground. There are leaves, bugs, flowers and so much more to explore and experience.

As you are out enjoying the wonders of Spring, you can also take the opportunity to introduce & expand your child’s vocabulary with the help of American Sign Language.

Think Spring! Learn 9 ASL signs with a Spring theme in this free video, as well as a list of fun Spring activities & books for babies, toddlers & preschoolers. Download a free printable of the signs as well!

Here are a few ideas of things you can do in the spring with your little one:

  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood.
    Use a carrier or stroller if your baby isn’t walking yet, but if you’ve got a toddler or preschooler, let them walk and explore! You might not cover too much territory, but it will be a wonderful experience for them to get to touch and explore things.
  • Visit a local farm.
    Spring is a great time to visit the farm as there are often lots of animal babies to see. You can learn some American Sign Language signs for farm animals here.
  • Blow some bubbles.
    There’s nothing better than blowing bubbles on a nice spring day. People always ask me what kind of bubbles I use in my classes and storytimes. It’s top secret though. ;)

Think Spring! Learn 9 ASL signs with a Spring theme in this free video, as well as a list of fun Spring activities & books for babies, toddlers & preschoolers. Download a free printable of the signs as well!

  • Play at the playground.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather while swinging and sliding at the local playground. You can learn some American Sign Language signs for the playground here.
  • Have a picnic!
    Take a blanket and your lunch outside and share some of your favorite foods under the shade of a tree.
  • Read a book about spring time – here are some of my faves:
  • Learn some American Sign Language signs for spring!
    How do you learn ASL signs for spring? Easy! Watch the video below I made just for you and learn how to sign 9 spring-themed signs.


9 ASL Signs for Springtime

In this video you’ll learn how to sign SPRING, RAIN, FLOWER, UMBRELLA, BUG, WORMS, BUTTERFLY, GRASS,and BIRD.


Instructions for 9 ASL Signs for Spring

Use the below instructions to help you remember how to do 9 ASL Signs for Springtime or scroll down to download a beautiful color printable guide to print and keep as a helpful reference.

Spring – Fingers of dominant hand come up through “C” shape of non-dominant hand. Fingers open as hand rises to show a plant growing out of the ground

Rain – Bend your wrists and and bring your hands down to show the rain falling

Flower – Touch your fingertips to both sides of your nose like you are smelling a flower

Umbrella – Stack your closed fists and lift the top one like you are opening an umbrella

Bug – Put your thumb on your nose and bend your pointer and middle finger together like a bug’s antennae wriggling

Worm – Wiggle your pointer finger across your opposite palm from wrist to fingers to show a worm wriggling through the earth

Butterfly – With palms facing body, cross hands and hook thumbs then bend your fingers to show wings flapping

Grass – Place your palm under your chin with fingers curved upward and brush upwards

Bird – Open and close your pointer and thumb in front of your mouth like a bird’s beak

Plan to enjoy this Spring!

So now you know 9 new ASL signs that you can use as you play and explore this spring! Use these signs, as well as the list of fun activities above, to help plan some low-key and fun experiences. Take advantage of the beautiful weather to make some memories you’ll keep forever!



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